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Children Can Hear God Too

By: Michele Okimura

Is there a jr. Holy Spirit?

The answer is NO! Since the Holy Spirit in adult believers is the same Holy Spirit that resides in our younger saints, then we must equip and mentor our children to develop a close, intimate relationship with the Lord where they can recognize and hear His voice.

We all know the culture we are in. Presently at this writing, the Hawaii State Government is considering passing a law mandating a curriculum for our public schools from Kindergarten through Grade 12 that:

  • Promotes sexual activity in a positive way, including same-sex relations

  • Celebrates and promotes gender fluidity (I recently witnessed firsthand public school teacher training that includes telling students of all ages that they should be free to choose their gender and free to change gender as often as they wish. Teachers were also instructed to tell children that their parents, who hold to outdated ways of thinking, unfairly ‘assigned’ them their gender at birth.)

  • Discourages abstinence as something negative

  • And a partner bill criminalizes parents who raise their voice against the Dept. of Education on these issues if the Dept. of Education considers them to be ‘harassing’. Such parents will be severely fined or jailed

But greater is He within us than He that is in the world! There is hope for our children!

How wonderful and powerful it would be if our children and teens could know who they are in Christ, because it is from the place of identity that choices are made. Knowing who you are in Jesus is a crucial piece to walking in sexual integrity – and how crucial it is to be able to hear and recognize the Holy Spirit’s voice speaking to us, guiding us, and encouraging us on a regular basis! If we as adults need to walk in relationship with the Holy Spirit to navigate life’s challenges, how much more do our children need this relationship!

Yes! As parents and leaders, DO continually affirm the value your children and teens have in the Lord! Ask the Lord regularly how HE positively sees your child (sometimes it is different than how we currently see them!).

Even ask the Lord for a picture of something positive that represents a facet of who they are and express that to them. A picture can be more easily remembered for a long time. Communicate identity messages to encourage their hearts!

Our children and teens are called to be lights in a dark world, called to walk in truth and grace, and display the hope and goodness of God! They need our support to do so. How powerful it would be if our young people can develop their own listening ear to the Holy Spirit so He can continually remind them of who they are and guide them into making life-giving choices on their journey with Him.

May our children be established in their identity in Christ and walk as the glorious children He calls them to be wherever they are!

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