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A gal's response to chivalry.

How do we respond to chivalry?

Hey Everyone!

So last week, my blog was about the gentlemanly actions/traditions of chivalry and how I propose that men and boys treat girls and women as special by doing gentlemanly actions. I asked the men and boys to consider ways they can grow in treating women and girls as special with honoring actions.

Today I want to address the gals! So interesting! I received a number of engagements in response to last week’s blog. Many women loved it! However, one man shared he was criticized and even chastised in the past by women who took offense when he attempted to do such gentlemanly actions of chivalry. His experience is not uncommon. Therefore, some men may hesitate in doing such actions, unless they know the woman or girl well, due to fear of offending and angering them or being accused of looking down on them as weak and incapable.

Today, I am writing to propose to women and girls to be open and appreciative to receive such extra care and kindness from gentlemen. If you are a woman who wants to open your own door, for example, you certainly can hold to your convictions. I simply propose that you kindly and gently express your conviction to the man or boy without taking offense.

The feminist movement of the 1970’s caused many women to believe that being singled out for care and assistance by a man was demeaning. However, let’s believe the best before assuming the worst of a person. Women, let's look at it as these men practicing good manners and believe that their kind actions are motivated from a place of wanting to treat women as extra special from the heart of service. This shouldn’t take away the fact that women and girls are indeed powerful and capable people! It can be taken as an expression of the goodness of godly masculinity to step into the role of protector and servant.

I am not talking about being legalistic about this either, as mentioned last week. I am after the heart of honoring one another. As for me, I know I am growing and stepping into the fullness of embracing my identity in Christ as a capable woman who walks in power as a brave and beautiful daughter of the King – and at the same time, I appreciate gentlemanly actions and receive them with gratitude as being treated as special with honor!

Just food for thought!

Blessings! Michele

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