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End the Demand

By: Richie Cruz

I write this in the wake of the recent guilty verdict of Ghislaine Maxwell; Jeffery Epstein’s former girlfriend and cohort in his massive sex-trafficking ring which specifically trafficked-in minors for sex to the wealthy elite. This recent verdict brings us all, once again, to the forefront of an international discussion and begs these questions: How? How could this have happened? How DOES this happen? And the deeper question: Is pornography linked to sex trafficking and if so, how?

Here are some talking points to consider:

Anecdotal evidence suggests that pornography serves as a “how to manual” of sorts to those seeking to act on their sexual fantasies with another human. Many victims rescued from sex trafficking have described their buyers insisting on performing for them what they saw in porn.

Recommended reading: The Johns by Victor Malarek

Studies have also shown a connection between porn consumption and harmful sexual behavior, including an increased likelihood of committing sexual harassment and rape.*


One study showed that about 70% of high school boys who were frequent viewers of porn—including content that featured violence and the abuse of children—reported that porn made them want to try out what they had seen.*


Hardcore pornography hijacks the brain in such a way that it creates an insatiable desire to experience the visual fantasy in “real-time” and in “real-life;” moving the online consumer to go offline seeking out what they’ve consumed.

Benji Nolot, director of, "Raised on Porn", a documentary which highlights pornography’s link to sex-trafficking states, “Every sex buyer that we interviewed had a long history in pornography consumption first, starting from childhood."

Simply put, PORN FUELS DEMAND. “Suppliers” are incentivized by every click of the mouse and every pornographic search on our smart devices.

There is hope though! You and I can reverse the tide of exploitation one choice at a time!


Refuse to engage in pornography in any form: physical, print or digital. Remember, pornographers and other exploiters supply what is in demand. DRY UP DEMAND.

Influence legislation! Sign petitions that make it more difficult for minors to access pornography.


Start a social media campaign: post and repost stats, facts, hashtags, graphics that inform and educate the public about the harms of Porn on the brain and it’s link to sex-trafficking.

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