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Life After Sexual Brokenness

By: Joshua Kaina

Can you imagine being imprisoned in your own mind and body for thirty years?

That was me.

Yet, through a series of miraculous encounters, a revelation of Jesus Christ and the Dunamis (Power) of God I found myself free from the chains that once held me in bondage.

My name is Joshua Kaina and I am currently assisting Michele with the many things God is doing behind the scenes. I have been a speaker on Explicit Movement’s LGBT panel since January 2020. I struggled with my identity as man most of my life and was charting a path to transition until my plans encountered the grace of God. I used to dress up to calm my need to express femininity (as pictured below) but have been completely restored to His son.

Michele and I felt it was so important to offer an encouragement to you today. The world is growing increasingly uncomfortable to the child of God and many of us are being forced to make difficult decisions. We knew there would be days like this but that doesn’t make it any easier.

I grew up experiencing shame and condemnation because of the qualities I possessed that were not typical of boys. I came into agreement with the lies that were spoken over me and for 30 years I lived well below the purposes of God. But Oh! How I thank God for the blood of Jesus that has washed me clean and set me free.

Now, as someone who was once part of the LGBTQ+ community, the very people who embraced me have rejected me. So, I know how it feels to come to a place of freedom and joy in the face of growing adversity. Many people don't want to hear that they can be born again.

But GOD is doing something tremendous! Behind the scenes of Explicit, Kingdom Kids and Rethink Creativity, supernatural connections are taking place and the creative miracles are enough for Michele to write another book! I have been so blessed to see how big our God is and my life has changed dramatically.


So, what happens after homosexuality and gender dysphoria?

I didn’t know what to expect. I lost friends, networks and a whole person in the feminine name and identity I held onto in secret. I went through a process of grieving and if it were not for brothers and sisters in Christ, I would have lost my mind. But then the call on my life began to manifest.

The original design that God has purposed and placed in me was coming forward. For the past five years, He has had to help me heal and overcome limiting beliefs about Him and me. He has restored the creativity that I lost as a child.

I have learned that there is specific work for me to do for His kingdom, not for my glory but for His! It has been scary, uncomfortable, and intimidating but He has never left me or forsaken me.

If you have been running from the call on your life because of limiting thoughts, lies and deception like myself, you HAVE to join us this September 16-18 for the ReThink Creativity Conference. So many of us believers have limited our creativity because of shame, fear, vulnerability and lies. But we are the very image of the creator Himself! God has a plan and purpose for your life.

Since I was a child my father and maternal grandmother said I would be a minister. I would laugh at their delusions when I got older because I was told I was an abomination since I was a child. How would someone like me, minister to people?

But God!

He had other plans and those prophetic words came to pass. I was discipled, equipped, baptized in water and spirit, then guess what? I began ministering to friends, family, strangers, and my home church. I became an Executive Assistant to my Pastor and led bible studies for men (I struggled with my identity as a man all my life, how did this happen?!?!).

Only God could do this!

I had to embrace the call, seek His face, and find the courage to create messages, to give words of knowledge when prompted, exhort, and edify. Our walk as Christians is creative because through us God releases wisdom and power that is not from this world. We are the city on the hill, the light and salt to this dark and tasteless world!

I realized that when I limit myself, I limit the Holy Spirit within me. Creativity is not just arts and entertainment; creativity is God breathed and inspired. Miracles are creative, healing is a creative expression of God, the prophetic brings vision and word where there is none.

Embracing the call on your life will require creativity and innovation all for God’s glory. Are you a willing vessel?


Joshua Kaina

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