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This is a true testimony of God's goodness.

Aloha Explicit Movement Ohana,

If you have a loved one in the LGBTQ+ community, you want to read this testimony of hope.

In June of this year, two of our former LGBTQ+ speakers were invited to Freedom Church Ewa Beach to share their testimony and equip the church on this important topic. It was a great event and we met a lot of fantastic people- you may be one of them!

At the end of each service, John Allison and Joshua Kaina would answer questions and pray with members who had loved ones in the LGBTQ+ community. There was an aunt who asked for advice in how she could minister to her nephew who was living as a transgendered woman. She was given counsel and she was prayed with for her nephew. That was the last time any of our speakers had contact with her.

Here is the miracle. This nephew, who had lived his entire adult life as a transgendered woman showed up at Joshua's home church last month, as a woman. He came with another aunt, the sister of the one who was at Freedom Church. This was not planned and the connection was not known till much later.

The nephew had an encounter with Jesus during the church service, responded to the altar call and received physical and spiritual healing. That week, on his own accord and led by the Holy Spirit - he cut his hair and began to live as a man again. He has been coming to church every Sunday as the man of God he was born to be and he is hungry for more.

We are in awe of what the Lord has done. May this story be yours, and believe that the Lord can open the eyes of your loved one as well.

We are including a special sermon given by Pastor Robert Okimura that is relevant to the LGBTQ+ issues we are facing today. Please watch both videos to get the full message. (The first video was played during the first 5 minutes of his message).

P.S: If you would like us to speak at your church in the future please reach out to Michele at

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